MAPNA Turbine Engineering & Manufacturing Co.(TUGA) P.J.S

مهندسي و ساخت توربين مپنا توگا (سهامي خاص)

No.231, Mirdamad Blvd.

19189 Tehran , Iran

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It was established in 1999 with the initial production capacity of 6xGT V94.2(157 MW in ISO Condition) per year, At the time being TUGA manufactures gas turbine V94.2*5, with power out put 162 MW (ISO Condition) and steam turbine E-Type with power out put 159MW which leads to more than 5000MW annual poroduction capacity .
By the end of 2008, TUGA has manufactured 83 gas and 13 steam turbines of the mentioned range and applications. Tuga gas turbines accumulated more than 900,000 EOH since the time That frist TUGA gas turbine fired in june 2003, Now, the company is developing the plan for a more diversified product range, from small industrial GT,s with 25MW power out put to gas turbines F class(280MW) and Steam turbines F class (350MW)
TUGA has implemented and is certified for a serise of recognized quality and safety standards, and enjoys using the well-known ERP Systems in its manufacturing and business operation, to satisfy client needs
(ISO9001: 2008)
(OHSAS 18001: 2007)

General Information

Year Established: 1999

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Co. Registration No : 152100

Type of company : Headquarters



On site
From 250 to 499
Total group
From 250 to 499



P = Producer / D = Distributor / S = Service


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Refan, Moosa

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Managing Director


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