Mapna Group

گروه مپنا

No.231, Mapna Bldg., Mirdamad Blvd.

19189 Tehran , Iran

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MAPNA GROUP is a conglomeration of a parent enterprise and its 29 subsidiaries engaged in development and implementation of power , oil & gas , railway transportation and other industrial projects under EPC & IP schemes as well as manufacturing relative equipment. since its inception in 1992 , MAPNA GROUP has constructed or has under - construction around 85 projects valuing Euro 17 billion, among them power projects cover more than 52,000 MW, having a share of 86% of iran,s total grid capacity.
as an investor and main contractor of independent power and industrial projects (IPs), MAPNA Group has ventured into projects generate over 9000 MW of electricity under BOT& BOO schemes , corresponding to a total contract value of more than Euro 4 billion .
MAPNA,s subsidiaries manufacture gas and steam turbines and their ancillary equipment , turbo-compressors ,turbineblades and vanes, power generatorse , heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and conventional boilers , power plant electrical and control systems , cargo and passenger locomotives, etc.
in response to the market growth and with the intention to promote and secure IP projects , MAPNA has recently included "after sales services" and "operation & maintenance " to its scope of activites .
we have expanded the area of our business practices and comparative advantages to two new strategic business units (SBUs) in order to leverage the group,s strong position in local and overseas markets:
MAPNA GROUP has actively involved in various types of oil & gas and petrochemical projects such as refineries , petrochemical complexes , pipelines , cogeneration plants (utilities), LNG plants , ect.
manufacturing cargo and passenger locomotives and implementing railway transportation projects through close cooperation with world wide partners is another SBU MAPNA has recently come into, in pursuit of marking a landmark in the country,s transportation prospective.
With such a broad perspective in business environment , MAPNA group has entered into capital market (stock exchange), developing new backbone to attract financial resources and public cooperation aimed at succeeding the company,s objectives .
Customer satisfaction through diligent execution of plans for enhancement of products and services is our new marketing approach in MAPNA as a distinctive dynamic corporation in today,s ever-increasing competitive arena.

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Year Established: 1993

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Co. Registration No : 99134

Type of company : Headquarters





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Refan, Moosa

Chairman of The Board

Ali-Abadi, Abbas

President , Tel:

Dolatabadi, M.Ali

Business Development Vice President,, Tel:

Bahari, Keivan

Marketing Manager,, Tel:


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